Walk in Cooler & Freezer

Cold Storage, High Capacity

A walk-in cooler or freezer is ideal for large commercial kitchens in need of high-volume storage space, gas stations and convenience stores, grocery stores or warehouse bulk storage.  Use a walk-in cooler to store food in bulk, from produce and ingredients to leftovers and meat.  Use a walk-in freezer for long-term frozen storage of ingredients and food.

Ducts in a Row expert technicians have much experience in commercial refrigeration equipment to insure proper and professional installation and service in Garden City, Kansas and the surrounding area.  We have a variety of models and options to fit your walk-in needs and space available.  Ducts in a Row can answer all your questions and recommend the best solution for your refrigeration needs.

Whether you need a walk-in freezer, walk-in cooler, commercial refrigerator or freezer or an ice machine new installation or repair; Call Ducts in a Row. We can help assess your situation and needs from a first-time purchase to replacement or service.   Ducts in a Row can install and service your equipment to insure proper and efficient usage. Maintaining the proper refrigeration system will impact your business bottom line for years to come.

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