In Floor Heating

Clean Efficient Comfort

Radiant heating systems are considered by many as the ultimate form of comfort heating. In floor heat uses hot water to run through tubing that is laid in a grid prior to laying the concrete or flooring.  The heat radiates from the floor to every part of your garage, workshop, farm building or even home.  Due to the fact that it heats and circulates water, it is cheaper to operate than many other forms of heat. In-floor radiant heat systems are durable and reliable, capable of outlasting your home furnace. With proper care and maintenance, an in-floor heating system can last up to 35 years.

Unlike many systems that directly heat the air, radiant floor heating gently warms the surfaces of objects in the room as well as the air itself. In floor heat is the perfect solution for those often used farm buildings, garages or workshops. Many homes that use in floor heat, in one room or an entire basement, can reduce the workload of the home’s central heating system.

Radiant Floor heat can save energy as most occupants feel comfortable at room temperatures up to 5 degrees F lower than traditional heating methods. And radiant heat is cleaner – dust free and very low maintenance.

Radiant Floor heating is a complex system and installation, so you will want a trained professional contractor installing your in-floor heat.  Ducts in a Row services in Garden City, Kansas and surrounding area with all in-floor heat options and can answer any questions and recommend the best option for your home, building, garage or shop.

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