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Neglected Units Can Mean Fire Danger

Having your furnace properly maintained is imperative to keeping your family and your home safe during the cold winter months. Units that are neglected and aren’t serviced regularly accumulate debris build up which can cause a number of mechanical problems, but most importantly, it becomes a fire hazard. Upkeep on your unit shouldn’t stop at yearly maintenance. It’s important to ensure your family stays safe from carbon monoxide and fire hazards by inspecting your unit yourself each month. Vacuum dust and debris as needed, and, if your unit runs on natural gas, keep an eye on the pilot light by making sure the flame stays blue. A yellow or orange flame is an indication your unit needs cleaned or adjusted by a professional. Lastly, be sure to change your filter regularly. A filter that is full of dirt and debris limits airflow, causing your furnace to work harder than it should.

Not only does keeping your unit clean and maintained keep you and your family safe, it cuts down on energy costs! Having a unit that runs as smoothly as it should ensures it’s running as efficiently as it should. If you notice a spike in your gas or electric bill, it could be an indication of needed service for your furnace. If you notice any strange smells or sounds coming from your furnace, you should immediately call a licensed HVAC serviceman.

Give Ducts in a Row a call today if you’re due for a tune-up or if you are noticing your unit isn’t running as smoothly as it should. Our friendly technicians are fully licensed and have years of experience in helping Kansans stay warm!