Air Conditioning Services

Regular Maintenance Is Key

Prevention is key to keeping your unit running properly all year, but you might be wondering what that entails. Each year your unit accumulates dust, dirt, and debris, causing it to lose its ability to run as smoothly as it should. The build up prevents air from flowing through, which forces the unit to work harder than necessary. Not only does this drive your energy costs up, it puts a strain on the parts within the unit, increasing the chances of mechanical failure. Of course, it’s critical to have your unit inspected each year to ensure your unit lasts as long as it should, but there are things you should do in between professional inspections, too!

In Kansas, the wind can be brutal to your air conditioning unit. Leaves, grass clippings, cotton, dirt, and more are frequently sucked into the coils of outdoor units. Although our professionals always clean the coils thoroughly during each annual inspection, it’s good practice to clean the coils every 3 months, or more. Some units, depending on the level of debris, may need cleaning as frequently as once a month. To clean the unit, simply turn off the unit and remove the screws holding the access panel to expose the coils. Clean the coils using an air compressor, a brush, or with a garden hose and a mild detergent. Filters should be changed regularly, as well, to avoid limiting air flow due to dust build up.

Keeping your unit clean and regularly inspected will ensure it runs efficiently and lasts as long as it should. If you’re in need of service or maintenance, give us Ducts in a Row a call today! Our friendly licensed technicians are always ready to help.