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A little about Mitsubishi


For more than 30 years, MitsubishiElectric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division’s (Mitsubishi Electric) advanced climate control systems have helped enhance customers’ homes and lives. Our systems provide personalized comfort while conserving energy and promoting environmental sustainability. We are proud to be among the top manufacturers of cooling and heating systems in the world, and our goal is to be the number one provider of comfort without compromise.

Whether you have a single uncomfortable room, you’re renovating your entire house, or you’re building a home from scratch, Mitsubishi Electric has a Zoned Comfort Solution™ that fits your unique needs. Because our systems focus on individual living spaces rather than treating every room the same, it’s more customizable, more energy efficient and easier to install. Whether for a cold spot or hot spot or the entire home, our systems are versatile and perfectly suited for any cooling or heating occasion. Select the situation below that most applies to your home.

Ducts in a Row has been handpicked to be an American Standard Customer Care Dealer for their superior product knowledge and overall commitment to excellence. We can assess your home environment to determine what system is ideal for your home, explain proper system maintenance, and more.